Book 22

I have just finished reading this book, the fifth in the series and added it to my 'Have Read It List 2009' (which you can always find by click the button on the left panel).

Here's what I wrote about it...
Ok, so my comments on these books are not very helpful suffice it to say that I am one whole leg over the line for being a nerd about these books. The first one came out when I was 11 years old and I read it straight away. The second and third came out in 1997 and the fourth came out in 2000. This book, the fifth, was released this year - 2009. It's along time to wait to hear how a story ends only to discover there is still one more to come (possibly September this year but with 17 years between the 1st and the 5th who knows!). I've grown up knowing and loving these people and their adventures and always wishing I was the main character. I've read them so many times that to say anything other than that I love them is not enough. I'm so glad Joel loves them too!
Until the next one comes out I'm going to have find some other things to read!

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