Clothes Concern

In 35 minutes I will be getting in my car, driving for half an hour and arriving for the first shift of my new job - Boarding parent to 35 teenage girls.

Right now I think I'm feeling a little apprehensive, a little excited, a respectable amount of calm and a decent amount of - "Let's do this thing!". I reminding myself that I wouldn't have been hired to fill in for a term if the boss didn't think I was capable. Then I remember - teenage girls don't care very much who thinks you're capable, they have their own rules. So my biggest panic about being a boarding parent?

What to wear????

Boarding girls are casual in their attire - track pants, ugg boots, riding clothes, wind cheaters. BUT. Big but here... the first, second and third visual impressions still count about as much as any other other interaction. Do I go casual/daggy? Casual/smart? Casual/cute? Casual/old person? Casual/sporty? Casual/city?

You see my dilemma? I don't mind if they don't love me. I don't mind if they think I'm odd. I do mind if they don't take me seriously. And, being teenage girls, they'll decide this in about 2 seconds after seeing me in their space by what I look like. It's complicated stuff people. And I know it's important because I'm 27 and it's my main concern!!! The rest will be easy. There's nothing like the judgement of 14 year old girl.

So I've decided on my old favourite jeans, a lightweight grey knit hoody, a navy blue vest and my hiking shoes. No make up, a high pony tail and sleeper earrings. I feel it's a uniform for success! I hope....

What would you wear?


  1. Hi Rach, I'm way too old to answer that question!! Which school is it that you are working at? blessings, Lyn xo

  2. how did it go!?
    i just read your comment on my blog...and time DOES go fast this side of the white;s nuts but it's been fun so far!


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