90% complete kitchen

(Images were slides I made up for church so the congregation could see without all coming over to visit at once!)

Here it is folks. The new kitchen. And mighty fantastic it is too. To benches are just a tiny bit taller than standard and so comfortable to work at. The floor is gorgeous - to look at and stand on. The cupboard space - enormous! And our new appliances (stove top/oven/dishwasher - all Omega) - brilliant!!

The whole space seem so big now with out the floating glass cabinet. It's lovely to be able to see through the whole room and not be cut of from our guests at the table when something needs doing in the kitchen.

I haven't included a picture here but we also have a whole new pantry and space for the fridge. It is 100 times more usable than the old space and 100 times lovelier too.

Things that still need doing:
  • Painting - walls and ceiling. Obviously we aren't going to leave big grey paint marks everywhere!
  • Spice racks installed inside the pantry. They're sitting there waiting...
  • New extraction fan in the ceiling
  • Blinds/window dressing of some type
  • kitchen chairs
  • stools for the bench
  • ... leaving space because I'm sure I'll think of something else!
For now, that's it. So pleased with how my choices have turned out. It was a little nerve wracking but so satisfying to see the end results. It is certainly inspiring me to do some fancy cooking already.

When are you free for a meal?!


  1. Looking fantastic! You made some great choices! I love it! Hope you are going to paint the walls a very pretty colour! P.S. The apartment therapy book IS THAT GREAT...you should just buy it...seriously...i am going to...i am only half way through because i am disecting it bit by bit...even the apartments i don't like, inspire me! X

  2. Thanks! I love it. Can't decide on paint colour...

    The Apartment Therapy Book is on $35 on on Booktopia.com.au

    I might have to get it if it really is THAT GREAT!

  3. looks fantastic Rach, I would be too afraid to work in there and make a mess ............I always make a mess!!!


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