Extreme Loving

Just before they make their last journey - to the rubbish tip - I thought I'd show you just how much Morgan loves his two teddies. In 10 weeks the 95 cent toys have been carried everywhere, chewed, blinded, re-stitched (the one on the far left became the stitched one on the far right), de-stuffed, slept on, washed, rotated (he was only allowed one at a time) and drenched in slobber. Very much the favourite thing. We have finally got sick of rescuing stuffing from his mouth though so these two teddies are being retired. Permanently.

And now he has a frog. Which, already has had it's eyeballs removed and stitched over... Know any good soft toys I could buy??


  1. This reminds me so much of the story of 'the Velveteen Rabbit.'

  2. It does doesn't it. Sadly that frog has been thrown out already too. We've decreed - "no more toys with stuffing!"


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