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After my last post I realised I hadn't given you a Morgan update in a very long time. So I took his picture today and compiled a list for you:
  • He's nearly 5 months old (will be in ten days time)
  • Weighs just under 8 kilograms and the last weigh in
  • Has never had a hair cut other than around his eyes and bottom (and obviously needs another one soon! Wednesday - he's all booked in)
  • Has claws like talons - thus being booked into the grooming clinic. No way I'm cutting black toenails that can bleed. Especially when they're attached to eight kilo's of squirming teeth
  • Loves to play hide and seek with his toys an will find only the toy you ask him to find
  • Also loves hide and seek when he has to hunt for us or his food
  • Sits, stays, drops, rolls over, shakes hands, waits (stops and waits until you say 'ok' or shut the door and leave him on the other side of it) and is working on heeling when we go for a walk. And most of those with hand signals as well as voice commands. He wants to learn more but we can't think what to teach him. Ideas?
  • He has recently discovered barking. We are not pleased and are combatting it in various ways
  • He makes sad whimpering noises and funny yawning noises. I'm sure he thinks he's talking to us
  • He gets VERY excited when new people come to visit
  • He like magpies - watching and chasing
  • He digs in his water & food bowls when he thinks there's not enough in there so we know he needs more
  • He likes to drag his blanket to where he wants to sit then sits on it
  • He's learning that our hands are not chew toys and gives them a big lick when you stay stop - almost a "sorry, I know, but they're nice"
  • And when he gets told off for other things he quickly does something else and pretends he wasn't doing anything naughty in the first place
  • He listens well to what we want him to do... when it suits him
  • He still loves to sit on my lap for a cuddle even though he barely fits
  • Will sit on you if there's even the smallest bit that looks like he can - lying on the floor on my side he will try and sit on my hip... my hips are not that big!
  • He's hilarious when we wrap him in his blanket and has to get out.
  • He loves chicken necks, peanut butter, cheese and liver treats and will do anything for them
  • He wont be getting any more stuffed toys - the latest one lasted less than a week before he successfully pulled it's guts out.
  • Today he has a brand new kennel that Joel is finishing off with some all weather varnish and draft padding. Soon he'll graduate to sleeping outside like a big boy!
  • His best friend is Plugger who sometimes comes to stay. When he does Morgan likes to jump onto Plugger from the couch WWF style. Too funny.
  • He mostly only chews things we've given him. Thank fully.
  • He's gorgeous.
  • He's very loved
  • And he's going to be excited to meet you!

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  1. Hi Rach. Morgan is such a cutie!! He sounds like the perfect puppy!

    Yes I did change my layout again... I liked the last one but when I put photos on it chopped them in half so I had to go back to the plain old boring one. =( I'd love your help with a banner. I love your work. =) Thanks so much for the offer.
    Kristin xoxo


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