Life Lesson

My mum taught me lots of things. Among them was this lesson:

A letter to a company you're not happy with (broken product, misleading product, poor service - any thing) is always worth the trouble.

Even if you only get an acknowledgment letter in return at least they have your dissatisfaction on record.

A few moths ago I was looking for some plain long sleeve t-shirts. In Adelaide if I wanted something like that I went straight to Giordano. Good quality for a good price (thank you dear sister in law for introducing them to me!). I figured that since they had a web address on their dockets I might be able to buy their product on line. I was excited to see a little shopping trolley in the corner of their page when I visited because that meant I could put things in it - online shopping. Right?

Imagine my disappointment and confusion, followed quickly by annoyance when the screen that follows the cart says "sorry, you are unable to by our products online at this time" (or something like that)!

So I wrote them an email. I told them I found it strange to have a website that served no purpose (they hardly had any products on there and you couldn't buy the ones that were). I told them I liked their product. I told them I would have to spend my money elsewhere. So there.

A girl wrote back and said blah blah blah. Sorry about that. Something something. We didn't know if any would buy online. More blah blah. Please keep an eye out in case we do.

TODAY. I get an email that says:

That's right people. Send in your letters of complaint. Letter might add to my letter and we might make the difference were looking for. Because consumerism is nothing without satisfied consumer!


  1. Now send them an email and tell them that light grey text on white backgrounds are not readable.

  2. Yeah, I've learnt to complain... if packaged food isn't as you expected when you bought it from the supermarket, write an email to the company... I've received a number of Coles or Safeway gift vouchers to compensate. We also wrote a 6 page letter (with 5 pages of annexures) to Optus because of poor service and being mucked around... we got $500 credit. When there were further problems, we brought it to their attention and got a few more month's worth of call credits. If only Giordano had given you a voucher for your trouble - you've actually generated them business now with their website up and running properly. The least they could do is thank you with clothes! Obviously you don't always get a response from companies, but for the times you do, it's worth the effort!


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