Button Christmas Tree

I might be getting a tiny bit ahead of myself in making these today. But in my own defence I first saw these on The Coterie blog about this time last year and decided then I would make them now - in time for the first of December. And seeing as we'll be away for the first of December I want to be all set for christmas decorating the minute we get back!

And aren't they the cutest christmas trees ever??!! The first one I did following Heather's instructions. The second one I covered in a blue striped fabric first then used all the tiny buttons to cover as much as possible. (The fabric was so I didn't worry too much about covering every tiny bit) On a scale of 1-5 of difficulty this project was about a 2. And the cost was kept down in that I already own a heat gun. Let me know if you give it a go. And be sure to pop over to see the full instructions.

Are you making any special christmas decorations for your home this year?


  1. They turned out great! I'm so glad you made these!! Aren't they just so much fun?! Cute blog, too!



  2. I love it!! Where'd you get your buttons from?

  3. i'm totally trying that! we were going to buy a Christmas tree yesterday..I AM VERY EXCITED!!

  4. all materials come from the holy grail of crafts - spotlight!

    Neish- you can buy big mixed bags of buttons for about $10. I used less than one bag for both of these trees.

  5. very cute Rach! I made a small Christmas hanging for a friend's birthday gift last week, don't know that I'll get anymore done......I do have a large amount of decorations which I've collected over the years, both made by me and quite a few by your very generous Mum xo


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