Rescued Baby.

I'm a little bit cross at Morgan right now. I just went outside to let him in and had to rescue this poor little baby birdy from him. I wont traumatise you with the details, suffice it to say I was quite upset and I don't know if the bird will live. I have put the little thing in the front yard to have some recovery time away from the vicious black monster.

My grandma told me once, when I was little and we had found baby birds that had fallen from their nest "if they smell like you their mummies wont be able to know who they are - they have to smell like their mummy so don't touch them". But I had to touch this one right away so I hope that he's big enough and strong enough to not need his mummy anymore... Especially since I did hold onto him just a tiny bit longer to take his photo...

Get better baby bird!

UPDATE: 4 hours later. I have just been outside with the torch and can't find the birdy anywhere. He's certainly not where I left him... I choose to believe he got better and flew away.
And he lived happily ever after. The End.


  1. I too choose to believe he made a miraculous recovery.

  2. I once hit a bird in the country and feathers went everywhere and I was so distraught I had to pull over. Jordan went back to check on it and came back to tell me 'He's fine. He flew away'. I choose to believe him ;) Whenever we see dead animals on the road (esp koalas) we say they're stuffed animals.

    I just can't handle the truth!


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