2:30am today

I had a little debate about a) taking this picture and b) posting it but came to the conclusion it was ok because within a minute of the car flipping over all 5 of the teenagers had crawled out and were running, yes, running, and some still carrying their drinks, down the road screeching and yelling. I figured if they weren't hurt it was ok to capture the moment and remind everyone in the internet world to please be careful on the roads. Be careful of other drivers, like this one. Be careful of who you get in a car with. And, for goodness sake, be careful about your own ability to drive. Ask yourself - have I had too much to drink? (learn what is the law then stay well under it. O.OO is the best.) Am I too angry to be driving? Too tired?

Please, please, please be careful.

This car landed on the nature strip across the road from our house at 2:30am this morning. It was only 5 meters from the bedroom of the two children who live in the house there. Praise God it didn't keep rolling. Their mum took them straight to their grandma's house. How different their lives could've been...

The young people all ran away. The two girls returned to find their phones and wallets. One of the boys came and dragged them away. One of the girls an one of the boys later returned. Did they feel guilty for running? Did they have some sense of responsibility kick in? Or where they scared that the police would find the wallet they had left in the car? They certainly went to a great effort to explain that none of it was their fault. Do the guilty protest too much? How different their lives could have been...

Our lives can change so completely in an instant. Many do. Please be careful with the life you have.

My prayer today is with all those who have lost loved ones in road accidents, who have been injured physically and emotionally by them, and for those who are living with the consequences.

Be careful today.

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