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I'm having a little dilemma... My sewing machine is not well. At all. It's a 1988 Singer (a special Bicentennial Edition - even has a green and gold Australia on it!) that was given to me by a friends mum a few years ago. I don't really know what's wrong with it but you have to keep revving the pedal to get anywhere and I'm sure that's not right. Especially considering I didn't used to have to rev it to get any speed...

The problem is this - do I get it fixed or do I hold out for a bit and buy a new one?

I have called two (of the three) repair places listed in the yellow pages. The first lady was a bit rude and basically said "get it to me by 10 am tomorrow and we'll have it back to you in a week. that will be $95 for the servicing." And hung up! I wanted to have a conversation about it first. Will the repairs be more? Will they be expensive? Will they worth it?

The second guy was much nicer and offered to look it over for me before doing anything to it to help me decide. I told him what was wrong and his comment was "oh dear, that's not good at all." Yikes!

Why, why, why didn't I get it sorted out before I had a major urge and a huge list of things I want to use it for???

Helpful advice appreciated. Unhelpful advice (Adam!) ignored. Gifts of new sewing machines gratefully accepted.


  1. Luckily the sentiment is reciprocated!

  2. pin and cut out all the things you want to make while you get the nice guy to look at it to see what is wrong...then at least you are started! :)
    good luck

  3. I agree with the previous comment, it is a predicament....I have experienced the same thing myself, the nice guy sounds good xo

  4. I'm picking it up on Friday from the nice guy! And probably going to Spotlight on the way home!!

  5. WOW! Had no idea you had such a golden oldie there!!! I suggest trying ebay for a new one. Recently "almost" purchased an overlocker via this method. There seems to be a few machines for sale. Problem will be getting one close to where you are. Good luck!!

  6. Rachel,

    I had a sewing machine the same as yours - it has an air-pump foot control, so you probably have a hole in the hose. See if you can just get a replacement foot control on ebay. Don't let go of that machine, I really regret not having mine any more. My new Janome is a piece of ....


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