Discover more about Space(s)

For those who have a Mac (or those who wish they did and want to be prepared) and use Spaces....

you might be interested in this...


Briefly, for those who don't know: Spaces essentially gives you extra monitors to sort out all your open windows and programs with out taking up desk real estate. It allows you to flick between screens and different projects that you have going without opening and closing windows all the time. I love it! And today I decided I'd like to have a different background for one space that I was using to show someone some work on... a quick question to google and I got my answer. For 1.2MB and no dollars it's a fun download to customise your workspace even more.


  1. I was hanging out with a student at school yesterday and they have a mac...I think they might love macs more than you...He's crazy for them! this picture is cool!

  2. make sure he knows about spacesuit then! Isn't it a great shot?!


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