Happy Handmade Christmas!

(click to make big so you can read!)

Take note of our new kitchen chairs and the stunning paper flowers that Rachel Ann made (well, she didn't make them make them, she put them on wire so we can keep them forever! Just as good!).

I pray you all had a blessed Christmas day as we did here. With love - Rachel Esther. x


  1. WOW. Well done Rachel. That is just divine! Looks just like it came out of a Notebook magazine. You are truly amazing and what a wonderful way to share the gifts you've been given at Christmas. Just brilliant. Anisia xx

  2. Rach!! You're too clever!! It really does look like it came straight out of a magazine!! Hope you had a lovely Christmas!! lots of love, Tamara

  3. Hehe! Thanks girls! That was the goal! You know me - never content to just stick a picture up! Although there is a plan to help me get around that.... Had a great Christmas. Hope you both did too. xx


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