Wedding Week: Bonus! - The Gorgeous Couple

And you thought you'd only get seven posts about the wedding! How could I not save these for last?

Rachel & Daniel - I am so privileged. Not just for having the honour of capturing your special day and the enormous love you share but for being your sister. You are wonderful and precious people and I praise God for each of you and for bringing you together in marriage. May your life together be full of divine Love.

With love and blessings (and many more photos to be shared just with you), your sister, photographer and friend always - Rachel Esther xx00

(note: see why I go by my first two names???)


  1. Wow Rach, how amazing to get a jet trail just at
    the right moment!! Beautiful photos xo

  2. Gorgeous as always Rach! I bet the happy couple are over the moon with their photos! You really have an amazing talent!

  3. that grass photo and road one are amazing rach! hope you were paid well - very pro.

  4. Dearest Rach (...Esther Cramer) you are the BEST WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER....EVER
    I LOVE ALL OF THEM!!! I wish you were the photographer at my wedding... :(
    My favourite, which made me have a little tear, was the one where Rachel and Daniel met at the alter and his dad was wiping a tear away....that is so perfect and to think YOU captured the shot! Priceless. Love checking out all the wedding photos...MORE PLEASE!!! XX

  5. :) Thank you! and... thank you!! xxoo

  6. these are amazing! I am very honored to be on your inspiration list -- you are now on mine, too! :)


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