Wedding Week: Part Seven - Details

Rachel and Daniel worked towards having a lovely natural/garden themed wedding. They pulled it off beautifully with, as I said yesterday, help from many family and friends.

Steve made three very cool screens to mark space and even inserted a mail box into one so envelopes didn't get lost! How cute is that!

One of the most long term projects, however, was the growing of little succulents for each guest. A name tag was made and poked into each one as a place setting then the guests were invited to take them home as a reminder of the wedding. I'm not sure exactly how many different people were involved in the growing but I do know that one Nana used extra fertilizer for hers which meant you could tell which ones she had grown by all the little babies they were sprouting! (Of course there were jokes about this being a fertility blessing or something for those of us who had the ones with baby succulents...!) Aren't they lovely?!

And of course they made for the perfect place to put the rings....

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  1. I just love the theme, and doesn't it all look just gorgeous.........amazing detail!


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