Wedding Week: Part Six - the PARTY!

And what a fun party it was! Details:

Cake - super delicious chocolate mud cake with fondant icing - tasty! And beautiful to boot.

Venue: The Horsham Football Club. They had originally booked the Horsham golf club but it was burnt down in the february fires - very sad. The Footy club did an awesome job of stepping up and updating their club room with new carpet, curtains and other things to make it place you could hold a wedding reception. Add to that the gorgeous ideas that Rachel and Daniel had for decorating and it turned into one beautiful room. (This was all that fabric I told you about that I ironed!)

Decorations: Rach and Steven put a lot of hard work into growing big dishes of wheat grass for the table centre pieces which then had a simple white case and candle placed in the centre - stunning and so creative. So many other people but hard work into the details of the reception. People made screens, name tags and a photo booth. Some dedicate women even made a very special long term commitment to contribute the gifts for each guest. I'll revel those tomorrow! It was wonderful to be a part of such a big family group all contributing to this event of love.

The first dance: Daniel and Rachel actually took dance classes in preparation for their first dance - full points guys! They danced to one of their favourite musical pieces from The Lion, The With and The Wardrobe. A very special moment.

The other dances: At the risk of alienating large portions of my in-laws I really, really wanted to share this last picture along with the second last. This, my friends, is The Nutbush City Limits. It requires serious concentration.. On your feet...! Sorry Becker women - I just love this photo! The dancing lasted until the DJ was asked to shut it all down. He called the last song 5 times (then I believe he continued the party somewhere else!). A brilliantly fun night. And there was a bubble machine - does it get better than that?

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