Wedding Week: Part Five - The Austin

I must admit that I have little to almost no knowledge of cars - especially old ones. But I can appreciate a beautiful thing when I see one. And this little Austin is gorgeous. My understanding is that it used to belong to Daniel's grandfather, Roy (the numberplate's namesake) and now belongs to Colin, Daniel's dad, who loving takes care of it, shows it and enjoys driving around it. Marie, Daniel's mum, has even knitted a special hat to wear while going for a ride! Sadly I didn't get to see the hat...

I don't know if you can fully appreciate how tiny this car is. Imagine the roof is up. Then put Rachel in the back seat where the suitcases are. Now add Steven (Rachel's Dad, my father in law) into the front passenger seat. Keep mind that Steve is TALL! And finally imagine Colin, who is about Daniels height, driving. That's how they arrived at the church! It was almost the glamourous version of this! But much, much nicer!!

Thanks for letting us use the car as a prop Colin! It was the perfect addition.

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