Wedding Week: Part Four - The Church

I just LOVE how excited Daniel is to see Rachel and have her hand in his! I think this might've been the first time he fully relaxed all day. What a precious thing it is to be so confident in the choice you have made to marry your beloved. And equally so when your parents agree (spot Daniels dad behind them getting swept up in the emotion of his eldest child getting married).

The service was a perfect testament to love. Joel (my Joel!) preached a beautiful sermon and led Rach and Daniel through their vows so confidently you would never have guessed that it was his first wedding. Everyone was very proud of him - especially me.

I discovered this circular staircase on a previous trip to the church and new I wanted to use it for its drama. I love how this shot turned out. You're stunning Rach! x


  1. Yay some photos with bodies! They are amazing Rachel. Just love the stairwell one. Lovely to read the comments also. Great work oh clever one!
    Loves from Rosemary

  2. Ok I am now sitting here bawling too! The one of his dad wiping the tears away is just priceless. Lovely lovely work, Rach! xx
    Love Michelle

  3. I'm loving these photos Rach, they're amazing! I don't want wedding week to end!

  4. oh Rach they are just beautiful what a great shot with Daniel's dad in the is Rachel Joel's sister? they would be stoked with these photos!

  5. Rosemary - Thank you! I love that one too. I think it's one for printing...

    Michelle - Awww! It's beautiful isn't it?! I think he was the teariest parent. So lovely to see him so proud.

    Kristin - THANKS!! I guess it will have to end but I'm sure there will be more later on. Where are all your posts?!

    Loz - Yes, Rachel is Joel's sister. Daniel also has a sister called Rachel. It's a bit confusing and not very funny anymore!! We did have a Rachel photo which was fun though.


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