Wedding Week: Part Three - The Lads

After a few grooms family photos the lads and I (plus mum, dad and sister) headed down to the oval for some fun playing around, action shots. One particular groomsman was very entertaining with his "I've got an idea for a pose" suggestions. I was happy to oblige and we came up with a few very funny shots. The bottom one here was taken while they were getting ready for one of the requested 'boy band' poses. Good fun groomsmen!

Take notice of the sky here. So very, very overcast and yet bright enough to keep everyone squinting. Later in the day we had the most gorgeous blue skies - and still lots of squinting.

Questions for the Photog's - What can you do about that aside from moving into full shade?


  1. You can combat squitning by getting them all to close their eyes, and count to three, and on two/three they open their eyes and you shoot.

  2. Good tip! I'd thank you properly but you didn't say who you are!


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