Time To Grow

The front page of our promotions brochure for this years short courses at our church and the one we join forces with down the road. I really enjoy the challenge of designing brochures for churches with such wide age ranges.

Click on the image to have a closer read of what we will be learning this year.


  1. far out your church is pretty blessed to have a clever girl like you to be their graphic designer! looks sensational as always!:)

  2. Thanks! Joel says "I hope the studies live up to the brochure.."!! I'm sure they will!

  3. hi, coming over from Girlfriends and have enjoyed reading your blog. I am curious about this brochure.... I tried to click on it to see it larger but it wouldn't pull up. I'm wondering if you have it in a file you could send me for idea purposes for our church. I love the way it looks and would like to show it to my husband...he's the techy visual guy more than I am. I know he would dig this.
    my email is: bowlofwedgies@yahoo.com


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