At some point last year Joel and I were approached to direct History Makers 2010, a camp for the Lutheran Youth of NSW. We were a little hesitant at first because we've only been here a year (even though this is a return to old ground for me), it's a big job to do well - especially right after Christmas - a very busy time for a pastor, and we were unsure if we would be able to offer something new and worthwhile for the kids.

As part of our considering the request we asked the programs coordinator to share some previous years themes and any thoughts she might've had for the camp. She replied with an email filled with her hopes for the camp that matched with our hopes for young people everywhere. I knew before I finished reading her email that I would do it. Joel needed a little more thinking space because of the time pressure it would put on him but the call to teach is strong and Gods timing is perfect.

So, beginning tomorrow we will be spending 24 hours training our leaders (ok, so we might let them sleep some too...) in preparation for our campers arrival on Tuesday afternoon.

We are exhausted, still writing studies and activities (because inspiration is at its best under pressure!), collecting materials, emailing our leaders furiously and so, so excited to be teaching young people about their value.

Our focus for the camp is: understanding who I am, who you are and who God is so that we can live out healthy spiritual, emotional and physical relationships. Our aims are to teach the little ones (ages 10-12) some skills for understanding who they are, for making friends, for being genuine and for desiring to live as God has called them. We aim to teach the lads (boys age 13-16) how to respect their mates and the girls in their lives as well as themselves, also how to be strong and what real strength in Christ is. And we aim to teach the ladies (girls age 13-16) about their own value, the value of those around them, how to treat themselves and others including boys and the value that Christ has placed on their lives.

Of course summing up a weeks worth of studies and teaching in a few sentences is nearly impossible but that gives you an idea of what I'll be doing over the next week. I will mostly be with the girls speaking about sexual impurity, the goal of purity and holiness, modesty, manners, makeup, the objectification of guys, the struggle for genuine friendship between girls in a climate of competition, inner beauty, self awareness and being an example of Gods grace.

HUGE stuff - but so exciting to be even able to glance off the top off these subjects with young women.

Please pray for us if you are so inclined. And come back in a week or so for some pictures (yes - I'm also the camp photographer - great excuse to take my one a day!). God is with us!

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  1. Thinking of you and Joel and all on the camp this week! We pray that it all goes really well for you and that the campers get a lot out of all the effort you have put in!
    Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks!!!
    love Tamara


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