Friendship Prayers

We cleaned out our filing cabinet today. We were ruthless. We contributed to the death of the planet. We tried not to by putting the piles of paper in the recycling bin. We didn't keep much at all. But I did keep this. Because is this worth far more than the paper it is on.

Prayers from the Year Eight Camp 2007
(Written by the year 8 students after reading through bible verses on friendship during devotion one evening. I haven't changed anything about these prayers from the pieces of paper they were handed to me on.)

Dear God, please help anybody in the world to have friends. Amen

Dear God, Thank you for giving us a life with friends and family. Amen

Dear God please keep people safe and not lonely. And help people through the hard times. Amen

Dear God, please help us to see ourselves as us and not care what others think of us. Amen

Dear GOd, Please help us to make close friends and to keep them for life. Amen

Dear Lord, we pray that through this camp the year 8's can build strong friendships that will last forever. Amen

Dear God, please help us to remember to not judge people by their looks but what's inside. Amen (Prov 27:19)

Dear God, friends are people who we should trust but we should still forgive our enemies. In your name we pray, Amen

Dear God, please allow us to help our friends when they are in need of help. Let us have the courage to sacrifice things for our friends. Amen

Help us to be honest to those we care about. Amen

Dear God, give us the strength of wisdom for the rest of our lives. Amen

Dear God, we thank you for everything in this beautiful world. We ask you to help the world see that just a small thing can make a huge difference, even just to one person. Please help us to see what friend is worth and to help us keep them. And friends are nice. Amen.

- - 0 O 0 - -

Is there wisdom here for us from these "babe's"? I know there is for me.


  1. Thanks for such a wonderful record of such simple yet wise and meaningful prayer.

    May we pray with sincerity and simpicity , with such child like faith.

  2. WOW! and AMEN! What a wonderful reminder... THANK YOU!

  3. Hey girly you won over at my blog hop on over to claim your prize!


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