Ron Mueck

WARNING!! This post contains a few confronting images and a little bit of nudity.

Ron Mueck is an London based Australian sculptor. He currently has an exhibition on at the Melbourne National Gallery and I was fortunate enough to go. His work is truly incredible. He pays superb attention to every tiny detail of the human body - veins, wrinkles, imperfections and every tiny hair is glued into a hole that has been drilled just for it. Astounding. Joel and I were blown away by how real each figure was.

We both expected them to take a breath and continue as they were before they paused. They look real.

Really real.

Not glamorised in anyway. Just real looking people doing real looking things - albeit sans clothing in most cases!

The UN-real thing about them is their scale. Most of the these pictures have been framed with actual humans in them so you can see the different sizes of the sculptures. I took many, many more of the fine details but I think this will be enough for most of you!

I don't know if you can 'enjoy' these sculptures - they're not 'fun' and 'happy', but they are truly remarkable so perhaps you can appreciate that as I certainly did.

(Remember - I warned you!)

This one is called 'Dead Dad' and was his first - created between 1996 & 1997

This is called 'Youth'. He his looking at a slash across
his ribs.

This is called 'Mask II' and is just the face. It is hollow behind and doesn't extend past his chin. From the top of his head to the bottom of his chin would be about 1.5 metres. He's BIG!
Random right? The only non-human in the room. And yet, bizarrely, with very similar skin....

So, that's some of Ron Mueck's work. What do you think?


  1. Wow he is amazing! I can't believe how lifelike the look! What a great exhibition to see.

  2. far out...that's crazy another crazy my doppelganger in the 5th photo down! :)

  3. Wow. I would certainly take in this show if I had the chance... it's kind of disconcerting to see people who look so lifelike really large and/or really small. But the ones that are normal size catch you off guard too.
    Thanks for 'daring' to post the pics!

  4. We saw the large lady in bed, up at GoMA at some stage. It was definitely our favourite piece there. Just amazing, and soooo life-like. Eery!

  5. These pieces are astounding. I'll keep his name in mind. The baby girl is fabulous. That's what I like about this one - not all babies come out the womb pretty.


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