Wedding Dress Blog Tour

That's not actually me. It is the picture that inspire my dress though.

Shasher is having a fun Wedding Dress Blog Tour and since I love my dress I'm joining in.

We were married on the 14th of January 2006 in Adelaide South Australia. Being the middle of summer we expected 40degrees. It rained. Bliss! Not so much for photos though. Oh well. Next time we get married (to each other!) we'll do somethings differently. Having a different photographer will be number one.

A friend of mine and I trawled all through the wedding dress shops in Adelaide and couldn't find a single one I wanted. Especially after see the picture at the top there on the internet somewhere. At one of the last stores we went to I was given the name of one of their dressmakers. Armed with the above picture in black and white and no bigger than that either. I approached her about making my dress. Success!

15 metres of tulle, 6 metres of satin, 10 metres of netting and the lining later... perfectly fitting dress made just for me. And I'm so glad I had what I wanted.

Don't know if i'd have the same thing today. But 4 years later it still makes me happy to see it on me for my wedding day.

Did I sell it? No way. Will I ever? Nope. I don't think so. It's a one of a kind. I don't know if I'd even let a daughter wear it if she wanted to... Maybe!

Some special things about this dress:

- While my mum didn't get to see me try on any dresses (she's lives too far away!) dear Adrian came with me for my final fitting -and got all teary. He was my stand in bridesmaid for so many things. To share that moment with him was beyond priceless.
- The dress maker added the ribbon around the bottom to match the veil which had been gifted to me by another friend.
- I settled on this shade of blue based on the colour of a car I was always drawn to. It was going to be pink!
- Joel's one request about the dress was granted - just one easy to undo zipper and a hook!
- The walls of our first house matched the colour of my dress perfectly. We only discovered this after moving into it.
- Oh, and I checked with Joel fist about having a coloured wedding dress. He said he was fine with that. Obviously. And - you may notice this colour is still my very favourite and gets used for everything.

Mostly I think I love it because it was what I wore the day I became Mrs Joel.


  1. Oh Rachel thank you so much for participating in the Wedding Dress Blog Tour! Your dress is beautiful!! It's even better that it was specially made just for you.

  2. Stopping by via Shash's wedding dress blog tour.
    I love the colour tinge in your dress. That's so cool.

  3. oh fun I'm going to play too!

  4. oh and i also had photos outside of the sunnydale apartments too! oh this has been fun!

  5. what a beautiful dress!! You looked lovely! And I think you mean you became MrS. Joel (not Mr.) :)

    I'm so glad you participated!

  6. Such a beautiful dress! I love the color.

  7. Thank you all! It really is pretty isn't it!

    (Tara - yes - I did mean Mrs!!)

  8. Aw! You looked beautiful! How special that it was made just for you!

  9. How excellent to get married in blue!

  10. Wedding dress blog tour! What a wonderful action!and I can see a lot of beautiful pics and

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