At the risk of becoming friendless...

Is there anyone else in the world completely apathetic about the world cup? (That's right - no capital letters). And those noisy trumpet things?! I can't believe they actually found a further reason for me to leave the room when the game goes on.

No hate for it - just not even a little bit of interest.

Anyone? Hello?

Maybe if you're here on my blog while 'there's a game on!' that should be a clue enough!


  1. Raising an enthusiastic hand! Those noisemakers make me crazy. CRAZY. When I first heard it, I thought wild African bees were attacking the fans.

    hmmm, not a bad idea really.

  2. that soccer or rugby? ;)

  3. Throw that world cup out the window!!!!!!!! at least it's on SBS and after bedtime!! Fin

  4. ditto to the above....all of them!! hello Rach, hope you & Joel are both well. We are heading to Melbourne Saturday to babysit Caitlin while Fiona is in hospital, scheduled for 29th, another little one to love and play with :)
    lots of love xooxooxx


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