Bag love

I have just recently busted another handbag. I load them up with too much stuff, namely my camera & gear, and break the handles. I truly love my Crumpler 5 Million Dollar Home but most of the time I actually want to just shove my camera in a handbag & go. That's not working for me right now because a) most handbags aren't built to carry heavy, precious things and b) my camera is not very well protected when it's banging around with my wallet, phone, various lip glosses, an ipod and the rest.

So I think that this bag could've been designed for me. Look at that colour!! And all the padding and reinforced handles. It's the Belle by Epiphanie and will cost me a whole lot more than I've ever paid for a bag before - but I'm thinking it will be worth it...

Especially when I eventually get the D300s! (Dream on Rach, dream on.)

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  1. that bag looks awesome. The colour is great! I need a new handbag too...something that can fit a drink bottle in, but that isn't calico!


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