Ok. So I've been having this idea. A while back, like way way ages ago, I asked you all if you would be interested in buying prints of my photos. And so many of you said yes. Then I did nothing about it. Sorry about that by the way.

Now I am getting ready to do something about it. Like actually sell my prints. On Etsy. To people. Like you. And you. If you want them. Which I hope you do.

But I'm a bit stuck for a name. I need inspiration. This is where you come in with all of your creative and great ideas. I can't open an Etsy shop without a really cool name. And at the moment I can't think of one. I really don't want to be another First Name / Middle Name / Last Name (or combo of) Photography. You know - like - Rachel Esther Photography. Nope. That's not for me thanks.

I'm thinking something... followed by 'Fine Art Photography' as a tag/descriptor thing but not the actual line. Ok - I don't know. But I want to do this and would love your help.

Creative Name ideas.... NOW! Go! Comment away!



  1. Its funny you say that because I have been thinking of starting up an etsy selling account too. Need to accumulate some stock though and give my sewing machine and sewing hands a workout!

  2. PS i'll think for you but i change my opinions on names for things ALLL the time...can you give us any idea of what you want the title to reflect?


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