A Sense of Humour

My dad makes me laugh so hard I think I'm going to die. I totally inherited his sense of humour. I guess that's why discovering this comment on the back of one of the photos he took makes me laugh so much. I knew as soon as I saw it that he was being a bit cheeky and it cracks me up to know that I am laughing at my dad being silly nearly 40 years ago just as much as I laugh at him being silly now!

Aside from the cheeky comment these were some of my favourite photos that dad took back in the day. I had the task of creating a memory board for his birthday. It turned into 3 BIG framed collages spanning 60 years of life. I loved every moment of sorting, collating, hearing the stories that went with the pictures and remembering the more recent photos myself. It's such a blessing to have these great memories.


  1. Those photos make me so nostalgic for old film...how dreamy do those photos look? *Sigh* I can tell where you got your photographic talent from. Your family is very creative!

  2. Ha ha. Silly daddy. I like the photo of him playing guitar. Nicely caught. "Play one by the Beatles!" (Oh, the shame!) Love.


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