Everlife - What's Beautiful

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I am off to The Sisterhood weekend this afternoon. A weekend with all types of women from all over the state. We're going to reach deep and wide and be reminded that we are beautiful - because we all forget.

Today, while my skin is being yucky and my hair is disagreeing with an experiment I am submitting it to, while I'm sweaty from the gym and still wearing track pants with holes - I am beautiful.

Thank you darling husband for reminding me in so many ways. And Jes. You're stunning too. xx

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  1. You are absolutely right, we do all forget.
    Your weekend sounds awesome. Here in Lebanon we don't have those kinds of weekends, or anyone who organizes such things.
    And there are very few husbands in the world who make their wives feel beautiful.
    You have encouraged me to try to organize something similar here... :)
    Thanks for the idea, and stop by at my blog anytime: http://sandourayi.blogspot.com


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