Outside the frame

I am almost 100% happy with how my photo for today turned out. I'm not even going to point out what bugs me about it I'm so happy with it. (Little self congratulatory pat on the back...!!)

What I thought you'd like to see is what was going on immediately outside of this picture. Check it out down below:

The makings of a photo. Yep. That's Chai syrup in my hot chocolate. Divine mess. At least you can see I made it with LITE milk.

So many life metaphors here that I'm not even going there - just enjoy seeing my creative mess and a very real photo.


  1. I love how you made the background for the coffee cup! What a great idea! Keep clicking, sista... you are very talented!! :o)

  2. Clever thinking to put the cup and paper on a reflective surface...it makes the cup look so shiny! I have never had a hot choc & chai together...any good?? Should you patent the idea before gloria jeans gets its nasty claws on it? Oh and by the way, lurvely tea cup and saucer...so glad you still use it!

  3. I like it a lot too...it's crazy i took a very similier picture last night to the second picture for daily click...but I didn't have a nice picture that i was setting up it was just a grotty kitchen! :) when I worked at the chocolate bean we had chai chocolate tea...and gingerbread hot chocolates...i must try the chai though! x


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