Lovely Days

Photo by Me : Quilt by my mum : Outfit also by me : Baby by Tamara

We've been a bit distracted here this week. Well, who wouldn't be with this cutie around?! His mum and big sister are also staying with us this week for a holiday and a catch up. Unfortunately I've had to work a bit but we have managed a trip to the library, a wander around town, some craft, some nail polish time (Miss Z and I both have alternating pink and black toenails - her request!) and gorgeous afternoon in the park by the river. What lovely ways to spend our days.


  1. Oh wow! This is an amazing photo! Nice work Rachel. Isn't he just adorable - always so smiley! Sounds like you had a wonderful time with them. I must say, I am glad to have them back though! Enjoyed coffee and 2 x birthday cakes this afternoon...!

  2. oh that is a beautiful photo! xx

  3. That is amazing! You have such skills the a camera. The little baby boy is just beautiful! Continue and don't stop! :D


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