And the winner is...

Knicky Knacks from the very lovely blog of the same name! Congratulations! You can head over to my etsy store to choose your two favourite prints. Then either convo me or send me an email at recramer[at]gmail[dot]com to claim your prize! Have fun shopping.

For the rest of you lovely folk - thank you so much for joining in my my celebration by entering my competition - some of you twice! It's lovely to see old faces and new. Now don't be shy and disappear from commenting when there's no competitions - I love to hear your thoughts and stories.

And as promised to all those who have entered - you are now entitled to a free 5x7 inch print of your choice when you purchase an 8x12 inch print form my store! Go forth and shop! And thank you again for joining in. (Offer closes on the13th of December 2010. Please read the details regarding orders and sipping so you aren't disappointed.


To keep delivery costs down from the printer I will only be doing two orders for the length of this offer. I will place the first order in 6 weeks time (the first of november) and the second 5 weeks after that (the 6th of December). As soon as the orders arrived they will be shipped to you. I hope you don't mind the wait - it does mean saving for you after all! All orders will be shipped within Australia in time for Christmas. If you are from elsewhere you might like to get your order in before the 1st of November just to be safe.


  1. YAY for Knicky Knacks =)

    I will purchase the blossoms as discussed. I am awaiting Etsy's help to delete the account I made without really thinking about the name I was using!!!! Want them to delete the account so I can have a username that I like! Once they've done that I will purchase from you.


  2. Oh my goodness - I never win anything! I am so excited, REALLY REALLY excited. I've been talking about how my walls are bare and need artwork and then I go and win these prints. Did I mention I'm excited. Thanks so much. Will email you my details. Trace :)

  3. oh fun! that's great I will have to have another look and see what I will get! :)


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