Walkathon - done! I made it!

and it was so much fun! Hard work but awesome none the less. The girls were told to wear bright colours so they would be seen by the cars on the road - they took this on board and came up with some fabulous outfits. I am so proud of them all for putting in the effort with (generally!) good spirits, a lots of laughs and some dancing. Yes, dancing and walking. We all had our ipods plugged into one ear so we could dance to our own tunes while till chatting with each other about our music, our lives, the dorm and whatever came up as we powered along.

St Pauls girls - be proud of yourselves. You did something great this week.

Emilie - you are amazing! x

Thanks to everyone out in the world who has donated money or prayed - you are helping to make difference too.

(oh - and we cheated a little bit and got dropped of at the turn of out of the town instead of in the town so walked about 19 k's instead of 23 - it was long enough!)

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