New Desk

When we moved into our house I cried. I didn't love it even a little bit. And the space for my computer made me sad. It was so uninspiring. Then we painted the built in shelves white and the wall behind it blue - much better. I sorted out the books and made it tidy. That lasted a pretty long time.

But things got messy. Real messy. The filing cabinet was ugly, the desk was yuky, the curtains went and were replaced by (a completely un-photographed) bamboo roller shade. Chaos reigned supreme. And all the while there was a new desk top sitting in the garage (and for a while in the hallway!) waiting to be put on its frame and painted.

And then it was. Joel finished putting it together and I painted 4 very careful thin coats. I was more patient than I have ever been and waited a full week for the paint to cure so it couldn't scratch and yesterday, finally, it made it's way into it's new home. My library/office/wok/area is (almost - there's a few tiny details still to come which I'll tell you about) complete.

Check it out from the beginning:
(Picture from the last time I updated you)


And now. Well? What do you think? Isn't my husband so clever to make me this desk from scratch?!

+ Desk - made by Joel and painted by me all for about $100
+ Curtain - from Freedom, $39.95. Am just waiting for the second half to arrive. Typically the one curtain I loved was out of stock.
+ Mats under computer and lamp also from Freedom. $4.95 each
+ Lamp. This gorgeous lamp was discovered, after searching many, many places for the perfect one, at Adairs. It was on the clearance table because there are a few tiny chips on the glass base. $200 down to $70 - yes please!
+ White ceramic pot with bamboo lid - $14.95 from Spotlight. It hides Morgans treats.
+ Toaster rack from my letters - $1 from the op shop.
+ Glass jar - from my Grandma's house.
+ Paper flowers from my sister in law.
+ Blue expandable folders (hiding on the shelf behind the gym ball) - $21.95 each. I bought two and managed to get everything I needed into one. And now the ugly filing cabinet is gone.
+ All the little odds and ends that float around desks like usb sticks, post-it notes, my computers remote, have all been hidden into a CD tin that I covered with fabric. Can you spot it?
+ All the spare cables etc are neatly wrangled into the white basket on the bottom shelf.

Still to happen:
+ Paint walls and trimmings. but that will happen when the rest of the house gets done after it stops raining and we can have the windows open.
+ Add second curtain.
+ Maybe get a cosy chair instead of the gym ball. Although the ball is good for my posture...
+ tear up the carpet to enjoy the polished floor boards that are hiding underneath - but I might be dreaming about that! (There really are polished floor boards under there but the condition of them and the chances of us being allowed to tear up the carpet are slim. At this stage!)

There you have it - my new desk! I couldn't be happier.

Thank you darling husband for making me exactly what I wanted. xx


  1. Wow it looks so much better! It was so dark with that other desk in the room. I love your decorations too, they all look so functional but really pretty at the same time. And most of all, I love that Morgan has some treats on your desk too :) I think that is very kind of you (but I am sure you just give them to you while he is bugging you and you really just want to surf the net ;) Good team effort Joel and Rach!

  2. WoW!!!!That looks amazing!!! So much different from when I saw it last! Well done both of you! ...and good on you for being so patient waiting for the desk to dry!! Enjoy your lovely new space!!!
    lots of love, Tamara

  3. geez that desk is actually reminds me a lot of the ones they have at kikki k! very cool, that room gets great light in the day!....and I couldn't spot the cd case! I'll look again! you've done a great job!

  4. Wow! What a transformation that room has had. Well done, Designer Rachel! You and Joel did an amazing job on that desk... well done! Is the CD case the blue container beside the gray square 4th shelf from the bottom? If not, then I can't see it!! Looking at where you came from to where you have gone with the room, makes me think more about where we will be next year and wondering if I'll be able to transform a room like that... and if we'll have a room that needs an overhaul like that! I don't think I could ever come up with something so successful as you, so perhaps will need to hire your services sometime early next year (one step at a time though... let's wait to find out where we are going first! ;) )

  5. It looks great Rach, you've done a fantastic job!!!


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