The 2nd Bridge

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It's all about the 2 Bridge here. Because without it last night I would've been stranded at Warrambui. Not a terrible thought in itself but considering that I'd only gone there for the afternoon it wan't really something I had planned for.

The tiny little 2nd bridge put me safely onto the craziest pot hole filled road I've ever driven on. The holes were gigantic and the small lakes that covered the road were fear inducing to drive through. But none of them flowing like the river raging over the bridge I had driven in on only 3 hours before.

The meeting was great but the panic of maybe getting flooded in, the torrential rain and gale force winds on the drive there and back somewhat diminished the positive experience. Having said that - they certainly added to the adventure story telling factor!

Safely home with a muddy car and nothing injured. Praise God for the second bridge and His protection in storms.


  1. it's a bit crazy all the rain and wind that is happening! glad their is a second bridge too!

  2. good story Rach, I am praising God for His protection in the storm of my life at the moment, I will commence chemotherapy on Wednesday 8th Sept, I ask for your prayers that God will keep me well throughout my 6 months of chemo and that I won't have any of the nastier side effects. Just had a wonderful weekend with family for Father's day, hope all is going well for you both, love & blessings, Lyn xooxxxx


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