The End of an Era

(Photo by Joel - Edited by me)
I was standing in the horse yard with my camera taking photos of the girls riding around me when Joel called to tell me that the Cressida had been sold. I actually got a bit teary. Is that dumb or what?

My first car really. Sold. To a year 11 boy not even off his learners permit.

The Saloon.

You were good to us.

You took us many places and gave us many adventures.

You helped me to be confident enough to actually get my license.

After awhile I wasn't scared of the roads or other cars any more because you were good.

Remember when you started pouring smoke in the middle of the city?

Or when your fuel gauge broke and I thought I wasn't going to make it home?

Or when you just plain old stopped for no reason and we had to get a lift? And nothing was wrong with you! What was with that?

Or when I accidentally bumped you into a skip bin? You still have the scar but you'll be ok. It was scary though wasn't it!

What about when I drove you all the way from Adelaide to Albury crying in the 40 degree heat?

Or when you sheltered us from the wind on the beach and made a nice place for a picnic?

We're sorry for crashing you into that other car and not being able to take you on our honeymoon - but we did get you fixed better than you were before.

And for that time I got a bit excited about seeing my friends and forgot to put your hand brake on and people laughed as you went up on to the curb - don't worry. It was me they were laughing at. Not you.

And I'm sorry for not cleaning you more often.

Thank you for being such a good car. For being so soft - soft seats, soft brakes gentle driving goodness.

I liked you a lot.

I liked the way you were so old but had central locking, a lock that light up so I could get the key in, a secret boot lock and velvet seats. Very thoughtful.

I'll miss you. A bit. Be good to your new person ok. I might see you around town sometime.

I'll be in the fancy black Astra!

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  1. I loved reading this post. Its true that our cars can become good friends...especially when they keep us nice and safe. You wrote about "The Saloon" so nicely! :)


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