Filing System

We are so close to putting my new desk in our library. I know I said I was done with the room but we've settled in more now and the congregation is comfortable with the idea of us doing the things to the house so we have a big list to complete.

When the final coat of paint is cured on my desk (about wednesday next week I'm hoping) the old desk will be out and the filing cabinet will go with it. We only really use the top drawer for filling stuff - we are not hoarders of any type when it comes to paper work. But we do have paper work in the cupboard in the current desk that will
need to find a new home. I'm looking for a pretty, functional, non filing cabinet way of storing all those important bits of paper that we need to keep. The shelves on the wall are not very deep - certainly not deep enough for a box so I'm looking for something the will be able to sit neatly under the desk or somewhere else. It could possibly even function as a little side table for the couch we have as we don't need to access files often.

Here's two options that I'm looking at:
From Office Works for $28.95. I love the texture and depth this one has.
This one is an expandable system that could sit on the bookshelf. $24.95 from Freedom.
I'm not finding a lot of nice ones so am taking all suggestions and thoughts. I'm also wondering how you organise your files and what you actually keep. Nell - surely you have some excellent ideas for me?!


  1. I love the basket. Go for it :) I think in the long run you would be able to store things more easily in this one?

  2. mmm! I"m inclined to agree with you but Joel likes the other one! guess we'll keep hunting for a bit.

  3. Hi Rach, I think judging by your latest post, you went with Joel's idea, but I thought I'd still give my thoughts (sorry that I didn't respond earlier... I read your blog then went away to think about it (a lot of pressure for a girl! ;) ) and kept forgetting to log back in and post a comment!) Anna pretty much nailed it on the head with what I was thinking. I like the idea of the basket a lot more... a lot more versatile and can be used for something else if you decide to change your filing system. Also, if you have to add another section, you can easily slot it into the basket and keep it alphabetical (I've assumed you are filing that way!), where as with the expandable, you can't add a file and keep it alphabetical. On a more personal note, when I first moved out of home and to Melbourne, I had an expandable file (no where near as pretty as the one you were looking at!) and I found it cumbersome and messy just to have around and got rid of it eventually. How's that for an essay, albeit too late!? PS Loving the look of the room... will post a comment there and expand (haha!) a bit more! :o)


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