The first day of Spring and it's... raining?! Come on! Please bring some lovely moderate days with clear skies, pretty flowers and fresh air. I would like some days for picnics, some days for cleaning, some days for walking and some days for outside crafts. I would like slightly warmer days but not too much warmer nights.

And you can hold the allergies if that's ok. Speaking of which. We are booked in with an allergy specialist (allergist?) in November to get fixed up or something so I can actually enjoy Spring in Albury properly.

What's your favourite Spring Thing?


  1. My favourite Spring Thing? That's way too easy to answer - my family (can I say especially my little Spring, Amy?)! Bahahaha!

  2. one of my favourite spring things is when the air turns warmer...there's brezze but it's warm...if that makes sense!
    and the cherry blossoms they are beautiful!


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