Happily Inspired

When I go away for a few weeks (days. sometimes only hours...!) I get these ideas. Good arty crafty ideas that are just itching to get out into the world via my hands.
And then I get on the net to do something critically important like check my facebook page or the Aussie dollar (it's going back down! Buy up now!!! oH yeah - I already made a major purchase - more on that when it arrives!) and I'm get completely distracted by some of the amazing blogs and ideas that exist. That's a good thing. Except now it means I have to double the length of my list of things I want to do because how can those exciting craft project not be attempted?

Answer? They can't be ignored. They must be tried.

Today I'm especially loving and completely absorbed by so many things from OliveManna that to list them would take an age. Just check her site out and drool with me. Her shop has so much to lust after and inspire but what you really don't want to miss is her blog - craft, personal and faith - she's inspirational!

One thing form her blog that I really had to share here is this - What Happy Is by the super talented Jost family. I love it! It's totally sweet. And totally true for me. I pray you find happy today.

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