Makin' Movies

I have been busting to share this with you all since we got back from camp but just haven't got myself organised to get it off of Joel's computer and onto mine. Now I have.

On the first youth camp we were on this holidays one of our activities was to make a movie in our small groups using the theme (Marks - the marks God leaves on us, the marks others leave on us and those we leave on them), a bible verse and at least 2 out of a list of props.

Not being one who likes acting myself I had the idea that we could do a silent film. Then the genre our group got allocated was 'Country' which completely lent itself to a silent film. The only problem that I could see was that the video cameras we were supposed to be using were film which meant NO EDITING. What?!! So I checked with the guys who were organising this activity and asked them if when the task sheet says 'make a 5 minute media presentation' that means we can only use the film cameras provided. Nope!

I let the girls know that since we could get our hand on a digital movie camera and Joel's computer (iMovie - you rock!) we could make a seriously awesome movie. Which they did!

The girls were amazing. The wrote the whole story, put heaps of work into their props and their preparation then preformed with Emmy worthy acting skills. I tweaked a few things like speed and colour tone and added some music but the rest really is all them. Well done Stilettos! Even though it wasn't a competition - you won!

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  1. That is so cute....great job!

    Glad you have a good camp!


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