The last 3 and a bit weeks of my life have been, in short, mental.

3 Weddings
4 States
2 trips to Adelaide
One trip to Queensland interrupted by one of the trips to Adelaide
5 flights for me
2 for Joel
40 plus hours of driving for me
Way more than that for Joel
Maid of Honour for my baby sister & Best Man (Joel!) for Fin (4 days apart and in different states)
Narrowly escaping floods
Waiting in the air for storms to clear
Driving through much water to get home (nearly 30cm at one point)
Precious time with our two godsons
Precious little time with dear friends and family
Missing Morgan
Missing my own bed and pillow
Missing my green smoothies
Christmas at our house
Fleas at our house
Finishing my first quilt
Finishing all the other Christmas gifts
Hosting a Kitchen Tea
Making millions of pretty things for the Kitchen Tea
No internet (I know!)
Tasty plane food
Rubbish plane food
Free alcohol on domestic flights
So much rain
But none for any of the weddings. Praise God.
5 clear umbrellas bought for my sisters wedding just in case
2 umbrellas made it to Horsham and then got left there
Naughty presents for our nearly wed loved ones!
A stunning bridesmaid dress
Pretty but murderous bridesmaid shoes
A sexy suit for my Best Man
Lots of compliments on my noticeable lack of chins
The first 4 Harry Potter books read for the first time
And 1 and a half other books too (A girl needs an escape!)
Belly aches from eating food I'm not used to
Laughs until I snorted in public. At least twice. And then laughed even harder
Tears. I got almost half way through my sisters speech before they hit.

So glad to be home safe. Tired but happy, safe and sure I would do it all again.

And so glad that all my loved ones are safe so far too. Even if they are a bit stranded, wet and not able to get tasty vegetables.

Welcome back to me!


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