Little Sister Gets Hitched

(posts over the next few days are going to be in whatever order I feel like posting so don't expect order - just a regular, chaotic brain dump)

Hannah is now officially a Mrs! It was my great honour as her big sister to be her Maid of Honour. (Anyone calling me the Matron just because of my marital status got the stern eye and a warning not to use that word on me again!) Unfortunately, in amongst all my big sister/MoH duties taking photos took a back seat. I managed a few in the days leading up to the Day and a few as she was getting ready. Then one or two at the reception. Not to worry, her photographer did an amazing job capturing the day. Will share what I can of those with you when we get some.

In the meantime - the wedding was amazing. So perfectly Hannah & Adam. It was classy, sweet, a little quirky, a lot fun and so full of love. The most heard comment was along the lines of "she is such a prefect princess with her prince!" As her proud big sister I couldn't agree more.

Highlights from the day included (the lists will continue until I regain full use of my brain)
-Being part of a wonderful family joining with another wonderful family
-Being blessed by the only day that Queensland had seen in weeks with no rain for hours at a time (and all at the perfect times)
-Having the privilege of giving a speech and telling everyone how special Han is to me.
-Dad's hilarious speech about all the things prospective husbands for his daughters need to do and watching Koh Reh (our other sisters partner) as he realised dad was also talking to him. Dad telling everyone how Adam nearly killed him (my dad = funniest man ever!)
-Praying with our family (2 new sisters included) before leaving for the ceremony.
-One of the best wedding dances. Ever. I will be begging Adam's sister in law to post it on youtube so we can all see it. I will share when she does. Promise! Was awesome.
-Delicious food
-Excellent photographer
-Beautiful bridesmaid dresses from Two Birds (Short, straight hem in Aubergine if you're curious)
-Being a part of such a defining moment in my sisters life
-Watching two people in love make a promise to work, live, grow and love together for life.
-Having our photo taken on a public bus
-Listening to my husband preach an amazing sermon

Yes. It was a wonderful day for a wonderful couple.

Han & Adam,

We love you both very much and pray God's blessings for you in everything.


Love now and always,

Rach & Joel


  1. Oh wow!!! Congrats to Hannah & Adam!!!!!

    Just have to say - that dress is the same one I wore! I LOVED it and felt like a princess wearing too. Nice taste Hannah =)

    Anisia x

  2. Wow! 2 girls with excellent taste. It is such a beautiful dress. And now you say that I do remember seeing yours! x


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