Lost. And FOUND!

Yep. Thats pretty much my system right now and I'm going crazy. So my main project for the day is to go through the whole house and pray that the keys are actually in the house and not somewhere else.

Why is it that when you lose something people ask you stupid things like "where did you last have the keys?"

If I knew that I'd probably have them in my hand right now. Instead I'm facing getting in BIG trouble for not knowing where they are.

Help, replacement keys and prayers appreciated. Inane questions - not so much.

Update: I don't know if anyone out there even had time to pray about this but I sure have been and... I just found them! I found my keys! Praise God. If they were lost forever all of the locks in the school where I work that use a master key would've had to be changed. Possibly at my expense. Thus the reason for my panic. But they are found!! I am saved.

And where were they? In the pocket of my raincoat. I must've put them there on the last rainy day we had last year, taken the coat off to drive and then just hung it up at home. Never thinking about the keys.

Oh. SO relieved. Praise God for small miracles.


  1. I read this earlier before the update and did pray! great news! xx

  2. Oh Rach! I actually felt your pain until i got to the update!

    This happened to me earlier in the week with my school key. It slipped into a side pocket in my handbag that had magically unzipped itself... I looked everywhere with that awful sick feeling in my stomach.

    I am so glad that God is the keeper of our keys and all else in the world :o)



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