Out with the old...


We live in the churches house ('manse' for those familiar with such things) and that means while we're ok to do some small stuff to our house we need to get the ok from the maintenance people for the medium stuff and the thumbs up from the whole church on the big stuff. Because it's their money we're doing it with. Seems fair to me.

Replacing curtains needed no permission.

Painting the walls needed some from the church council.

Replacing the whole kitchen needed a majority "YES" vote from the church community. Because it was their money. Our new kitchen is still amazing by the way. (In finding that link I realised I haven't shown you pictures of it all painted! oops)

Ripping up all the carpet and getting the floorboards underneath fixed up and re-polished also needed a majority "YES" vote. And today we got it!!!

Hooray and praise the Lord. I'm so excited to be getting rid of the carpet and all the nasty little dust mites that call it home. Maybe now I wont sniff and sneeze all the time!

I'll try and remember to take before during and after shots so you can see.

We are incredibly blessed to be part of such a generous community.

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  1. horray for floor boards and hopefully the end of sneezy Rach!


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