When you have just lost a stack of weight, you're feeling particularly cute in your new dress and a lady you just met says to you:

"And you're obviously pregnant then?"

How do you respond to that?!

{P.S. Just to clarify -I'm really not.}


  1. ...ah by punching her in the nose... and then snapping back to reality and telling her actually no maybe you should think about what comes out of you mouth before you make assumptions!!

  2. ahh I can not believe this...sorry Rach! it makes me mad!!!

  3. that is so horribly rude! I can't believe someone actually said that to you! Unless you know for sure (i.e. a fact) that someone is pregnant, even pretty sure, you never say it. Like Lauren, I'm so mad too. So, how did you respond?! I'm sure you looked great, BTW!

  4. PS A few years ago, before we had moved to the Sem, Vaughn's sister's parents in law were visiting Vaughn's parents and we were there. As soon as the mum walked in the door, she didn't even say hello, but said to Vaughn "well, obviously you've been (or are) in the good paddock". I was so gobsmacked that she actually said that out loud. Some people have no idea...

  5. by looking them directly in the eyes and saying "Why no, I'm not."

    I do want to see your cute dress though--I love a cute dress--not quite dress weather here.

  6. you compliment her on doing so well following her brain surgery and having half of her brain removed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That's wrong right?

  7. Beck - hilarious!

    Effie - still too scared to hop in front of the camera!

    Nell - gobsmacked. yes, very much so. I am totally amazed that women can be so insensitive. I shouldn't be but I am.

    Loz - thanks for being mad for me! And the rest of you! Righteous anger I think. I really did want to go for the punch.

    I said, in my not-checked-horrified-voice, "no I am definitely not, no. I am not. Are you?" Kidding. I didn't ask if she was. Even though I was probably half her size. I did say the rest though.

    Ladies everywhere - be a bit sensitive!!!

  8. Someone asked me the other day while pushing my triple pram (doing exercise mind you!) if I only had one baby in the bottom with Isabelle on the top and another baby on the way (because I still look about 4 months pregnant)...some people are just dumb...and I know I am trying my best to look and feel better...and in the end thats all that counts...cos you can't stop other people from being rude. And you always look beautiful Rach...I've never seen you look ugly. So my just be your normal graceful self and feel sorry that her mama never taught her to think before she speaks...

  9. Over the last few years, BEFORE I got pregnant, I've had at least 3 people FALSELY assume I was pregnant, including being loudly congratulated with a gentle hand on belly at a neighbour's dinner party, having a close friend quietly ask me, and have a stranger offer me their tram seat by gesturing to my stomach...

    Now I'm 21 weeks pregnant, quite visibly pregnant IMHO, not a single stranger has commented on it, or asked, or offered me seat on tram etc. Not even colleagues or acquaintances have dared to ask or comment before I announced it to them.

    Makes no sense!

    So don't worry and don't take it personally!!! And congrats on the weight loss!


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