That's just not Cricket

Actually, it was.

For the first time in nearly 29 years (6 sleeps away!) I can almost understand how playing cricket could be fun. I mean, I wouldn't say the serious stuff is fun, but the fun stuff - well, it was fun!

I was emotionally blackmailed into playing in the staff vs senior student match at school today. I gave fair warning that I have limited to zero sporting skill and will quite possibly get hurt. But he said he just needed the numbers or it would would be a forfeit. No way could I let the students get that glory!

Staff fielded first. I was put where the ball was least likely to go. That also happened to be facing the sun - hello sunburn. I collected a few that were pelting along the ground and even had to chase a few. Passable. It was my throwing that leaves a lot to be desired! I could get away with it just throwing back to the bowler. But then I had to take my turn as bowler!

You have never seen such a disastrous attempt!! I was allowed to step a few metres past the line and still struggled to get it all the way down the pitch. If I could actually keep it on the pitch. And not just roll it. Oh my! At one point I just said - 'I am an artist! Not a sportsperson!' Although I was quite comforted to see the sport teacher didn't quite have the knack for it either, even though she was leagues better than me. If you could've been there - you would've laughed along with me at the comedy! And enjoyed my particularly girly refrain of 'oops!'

The kids were so sweet about it. They were very encouraging and accommodating. It was one of the kids umpiring who coached me through most of my barely passable, legal bowls. Thanks you lovely young people! You are a credit to your generation.

I thought I'd get off of batting but I was put on first with the captain of our team, the guy who organised the competition. I figured I couldn't be a worse batsman than I was a bowler (I really was very, very bad!) and I'd survived that so I geared up and marched out. My batting partner had me running up and down quite a few times but guess what?! I got 4 runs all by myself!!!! FOUR! People. I am so darn proud of myself. And I don't care if you think I'm crazy, but I have never played cricket and these are my first 4 runs ever and quite possibly my last so let's just enjoy them!


4 Runs.

Just saying.

Non sporting me, afraid of every ball, rubbish at most sports, was denied my prayer of a washed out game, challenged to try something new and... got 4 runs! Ha!

There you go - try something new today and you might surprise yourself like I did.

Oh, and the staff won. By 15 runs.


  1. The perfect ending to the story would have been that you won by 4 runs!! ;o)

    Congrats on your runs, though... what a feat!

  2. ha I love it! I played once at CC...I got one run and tried to catch the ball with my shin!...let's just say I didn't offer to be on the team again! ha! great story!


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