29 Things I am Grateful for Today

  1. My Saviour & His Grace
  2. Joel - Second only to number 1
  3. Family. The half who grew me and the half who had me grafted in. They all know me and still love me!
  4. Friends. The family I'm not related to.
  5. Morgan. That critter... love him!
  6. Green Smoothies.
  7. Creativeness
  8. Our House
  9. My art room (even though right now it's all packed up)
  10. The people in our church
  11. Albury
  12. The internet
  13. Good health
  14. Time
  15. Godchildren
  16. New challenges
  17. Fresh food
  18. Awesome hair (mine! & Joel's!)
  19. Being mistaken for a 15 year old
  20. Financial stability
  21. Mad skillz
  22. Soft sunlight
  23. Books
  24. Glee. Really. That show makes me laugh so hard!
  25. Eyes to see the beauty in the world
  26. Being fitter and thinner than I was this time last year
  27. Knowing how to say 'yes' with enthusiasm and, and 'no' with understanding and conviction
  28. Thoughtfulness
  29. Another fabulous year of life.
Happy birthday me!


  1. I love your blog, Rach! It always makes my day when I see a new post from you. Hope your birthday was wonderful!

  2. Glee... what a wonderful thing to love!!!! Added you to my blog list Rach, hope that's okay. Bec xo

  3. What a wonderful birthday post! Happy Birthday to you!

  4. this is very nice post,reall,i'll send you a big smile,here you go - :),just thanks for the happy thoughts :)


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