Design Project: Weekend Trip

{In case you don't have super vision you can click it to make it bigger and read the tiny writing}

Just something that is taking up most of my life right now. The planning of the whole trip more so than the map. The map was completely unnecessary. I could have photocopied a page out the directory and scrawled notes on the back for each kid. But that would make no one happy. And who can let a fun design opportunity slide by?

Got anything I should add to my map? What is consuming you this week?

(P.S - Phone numbers are fake so don't bother calling them you crazy spamming people! Except for the Backpackers - that one is real - so go get yourself some free sunday morning pancakes when you stay saturday night for only $30!)


  1. You impress me with your abilities. Did we ever tell you how much we loved the 10 Commandments pages?

  2. :) Thanks! No. But that's ok -you've kind of been busy! Glad you liked them. We'll sort that out when your life settles down. The commandments wont be changing anytime soon!


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