A few house things

Our kitchen was gutted and replaced nearly 2 years ago (already) but a few weeks ago I decided to make some simple yellow curtain to go above the sink. I love the brightness they bring to the room. So fresh and cheery to get me through winter.

To remind you were we started off here's a shot with the boxes still in when moved in January 2009. Pretty huh?!

And here's where I joyously wash the dishes now (Not really, but I do joyously stand over the sink to eat juicy fruit...!):

Much nicer yes?

I used cafe clips for a different feel from the rest of the house. They really are ornamental curtains as we have a roll down block out blind for the raging heat we get coming through this window in summer. Oh - and you can see my little succulent on the window sill. He came from my sister in-laws wedding a year ago and was repotted into a clay pot that my grandma made and gave to me before she died. 2 lovely memories in one.

A little detail of the 2 lovely fabrics:

The other thing I thought I'd share with you today is the main guest room. When we first moved in it was the guest room (as you can see in the next picture) then for about 18 months it was my art room (which I don't think I photographed) and now it's the guest room again because I have moved my art room into a different room from the one it started out in - the one with the best light - of course!

We move stuff around lots. Always have done.

{Side story: When I was a teenager my mum made the rule that I wasn't allowed to rearrange my bedroom more than once a month because she kept banging into things. See? I've always like arranging furniture and prettying things up. Let's continue...}

So here's the guest room in it's first incarnation. Curtains! Amazing. Oh - and only a single bed too.


Better. Much better. New floors, curtains and bed frame (we bought ourselves a new latex mattress and donated our mattress to this bed before it was unusable). I'm in love with Delphine the doona cover. You can see that the chair made a reappearance with a friend after a spray paint in royal blue and the bolster cushion, which mum made for me as a teen, even made the cut (for now!). The blue lamp cost me $5 at a garage sale plus a $15 lampshade to replace the abysmal excuse for a shade it previous sported. Oh, and the mustard yellow base got a coat from a sample pot I already had. I think I'll change it agin but not sure what to.

{edited to add: just felt it worth a mention/brag that I also painted the guest room. 2 coats of paint in one day = blisters and much satisfaction at the removal of another pink room}

So there you have it. A few things about our house you wouldn't have known.


  1. Wow! That guest room looks amazing! I remember staying in it when T, Z & I came to visit... oh, and Bump! I remember a pair of yellow booties sitting on the glass bedside table to welcome us. Such memories... and such a long time ago! You've been there for over 2 years and Amy's 2 later this year! Where's the time gone?!

  2. i agree the guest room looks lovely! Jek was the same always moving stuff around! The doona cover looks lovely! so are we going to see a tour of your art room as well!? :)

  3. Rach, you need to do a post and show us all the rooms in your house! You have such a gift in this area, and I love looking at what you've done. No doubt you've seen censational girls blog??? I reckon you like her could give up your day job and just redecorate your house and blog about it for a living.

  4. It look so pleasant to be in. I especially love your new kitchen curtains...I reckon having a nice peppermint tea in your kitchen while washing the dishes could be a very enjoyable task. Yes, what rebecca said...house tour please!!!

  5. I love the kitchen curtains. Once upon a time, I had white w/yellow polka dot curtains. I loved them.

    That kitchen looks wonderful!!

  6. Really beautiful. I love what you have done!


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