Morgan Update

Remember how little he was?

2 and a bit years later he lies down next to this window sill and props his head up onto it to watch the world. No more stretching to see.

Now he's a little bigger (bigger than we thought he'd get!) but still thinks he's little enough to sit on our laps or squish into tiny places.

We let him.

He thinks he owns our 3 seater couch and sits all over it it all day.

Brown moustache!

Regal boy keeping an eye on the world from his throne.

Carries his toys everywhere with him. Just incase someone might be ready to play. He'll often have more than one between his paws like he's a penguin hatching eggs.

Things he knows the word and hand sign for:

Down (used for laying down and getting off something)
Crawl (an army crawl)
Wait (We use this a lot. He waits for his food, waits at the door, waits behind us...)
Bang Bang (drops down and plays dead when he gets 'shot'. Thanks Rach & Daniel for that idea! He almost does it every time!)
Shake (hands)
High five
Where's your ball?
Where's your food? (He goes to the cupboard where we keep it)
Good boy

He can do/respond to each of these with the words or just the hand signs. My favourite is signing "good boy" to him and watching him lick his lips and run to his treat jar at my desk. Cute.

Things he knows that don't have hand signs:

The sounds of the treat jar!
Washing (When I tell him it's time to do the washing he runs to the laundry and the back door)
Water (If I'm holding the water jug he goes to the laundry and looks at the water filter. If I ask him if he needs water he goes to his bowl)
Rubbish (or just the sound of empty jars and tins or the sight of the rubbish bags sends him to the back door)
Outside (he goes to the front door)
If you bark again you'll go outside by yourself. (He stops barking and sits on the couch. Outside by yourself isn't fun)
The sound of the Star Gate credits. Because that means you can go outside now. (we don't have to turn it off for him to know it's over)
The sound of the TV turning off. Same reason.
Walk/ing. Even in a full sentence not directed at him.
Heel (mostly)
He knows where the blankets are kept and that if we carry one outside of the lounge room we might be going outside for a picnic.
That when we brush our teeth or put on our shoes he has to go out the back.
Bedtime/in your bed
And he knows you sit still when the camera comes out.

I'm sure there are other that I can't think of right now. He's a very smart character. And very quirky, dramatic little personality. You should see the dramatics that happen when you 'shoot' him! Definitely a member of our family.

He loves to snuggle with us. You only need to walk toward a seat and he'll be there ready to curl up on you. He will even sit behind me on my computer chair (regular dining chair) if he hasn't been getting enough cuddle time. He doesn't mind if you're not patting him - he just has to be touching you or as much on you as he can get. Luckily it's cold a lot here and he's very warm.

He likes to play hide and seek. We tell him to sit and stay then go and hide. We each call him once and listen to him run around sniffing until he finds us. When he finds us he sits of lays down and gets his treat. Then we get him stay and hide again.

He loves to eat vegetables and waits very patiently by my feet while I'm preparing food but will nearly always carry it onto the rug in the lounge room to eat it if I'm not watching.

He loves to play fetch as long has he can chew his toy for a bit every now and then.

He hates to be bathed but tolerates it without too much drama and loves having his hair blow dried and brushed.

And just lately he things it's very exciting when we pull out the wii fit board.

He loves to drive in the car...

But mostly he loves cushions. He sits on top of the cushions like a little raja because that's where it's the comfiest.

We call him Morgan, Gordon (courtesy of Ruby, our godsons sister), Nelson (courtesy of a lady from church), Mellon, Moo Moo, Pogo, Muppet, Stinky, Fluff ball, Mad dog Morgan, Morgie, Morgsie, Milly, Puppy and a whole host of other 'just popped into my head' kind of things.

I think we'll keep him for another 2 years!


  1. He's such a gorgeous dog, he sounds SO well behaved too! If I ever meet him I am going to call him Gordon or Nelson...because I think that is hilarious...but don't be offended that the lady from Church always calls him the wrong woman used to call my brother Steven ALL THE TIME, to my mum...she'd say, "How is Steven going" and my mum would say, "Who?!" "Who's Steven?!" ...give sweet little (BIG) Morgan Freeman a hug from us. I think we will have to consider a dog like him one day when we going out puppy hunting...he's just beautiful. Happy Two years Morgan!

  2. I just recently heard about a book called 'A Girl's Best Friend: The Meaning of Dogs in Womens' Lives'(2002)by Renate Klein. I'm intrigued, especially given what I know about the author. See here:
    Oh, and Happy two years of dog loving. I know this joy well.

  3. Love your puppy and your blog :)

    Best wishes,


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