One of those days

You know those days? When everything goes just a little bit wrong? Not earth shatteringly terrible, just ... not right.

Today, praise God, is not one of those days for me. So I'm remembering to be grateful for things that go right.

Because 2 weeks ago it didn't go right at all. Just about everything I did for the day went a little bit pear shaped. And it all started with forgetting to put the lid back on the blender before re-whizzing it.

You've seen it in the movies and now you've seen it here. This is what happens for real:

What you can't see in this picture is that it is also dripping of my clothes, down the cupboards below and also hang in stalactites from the cupboards above. All I could do was laugh.

No. Actually. I laughed, called Joel to come and see, took photos on my camera and my phone, sent the picture to my mum and then cleaned up. Which involved a load a of washing and a shower.

So I guess that even when things don't go right they can be entertaining.

I hope things go right for you today and that if they don't you can see the funny side of it.


  1. I must looks a lot like goo when the green smoothie flies out of the blender! I need to research some more recipes! I have got bored of mixed berries, apple and baby spinach...

  2. Glad you could see the funny side of it. 'Cause I have to admit that I laughed. And groaned in sympathy as well.

  3. Oh dear.

    My whoops moment with the blender was when I poored in the water without the blade part in. The water went straight to the motor. Whoopsie!


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